Photographer: Me

Model: Goda K.

Movie inspiration: Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino

Photography inspiration: Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Art inpiration: Guy Denning

Movie inspiration: Det Sjunde Inseglet (The Seventh Seal), Igmar Bergman, 1957 

Photo inspiration: Theo Gosselin

Fashion inspiration: Raf Simons

Photo inspiration: William Klein

Graduating tomorrow!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

This is more a public note to self.

From 2013 june 19, when I graduated the Vilnius college of design, and gained so much, I promise to universe and myself, NOT TO STOP at this point, and reach every little thing I have ever dreamed, to enjoy every moment of this life, and not to waste it doing things that are not true to me, just because I love myself, my life and my tribe too much.     

Fashion inspirtion: Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion inspiration: Maiko Takeda

Photo inspiration: Sally Mann

Photo inspiration: Andres Serrano

Art inpiration: Jan Fabre